If you ask any Hip-Hop fan to describe Kool G Rap, you would get answers like "the Godfather of gangster rap" or "he's your favourite rapper's favourite rapper", but if there was a more fitting word to describe this man, other than "inspirational", it would be a "legend".


Kool G Rap has fathered a whole genre of Hip-Hop with his gritty storytelling abilities painting vivid pictures of the daily struggles faced on the harsh streets of inner city New York. His complex multi-syllabalistic rhyme scheme was ground breaking when he first introduced it to the world. Since then many have tried to replicate his style, but most have fallen short.


His unique style and storytelling abilities wrapped with his cunning lyricism has come to inspire artists from the likes of Big Pun, 2Pac, Jay-Z and Nas to name but a few.


Kool G Rap has been at the forefront of Hip-Hop for over two decades. He is still as inspirational and as hungry as ever with his ability to adapt his style, always remaining relevant, thus making him not only one of Hip-Hop's greats, but also one of music's most resilient artists.

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